About Us

Oriel Technology Ltd. is Milton Keynes, UK based technology company. We provide software development and consulting services in the UK specifically in London. We have offices in Milton Keynes in the UK and Surat in India.

Our service includes 

✔ IT Consulting
✔ Software Development
✔ DevOps
✔ Cloud Services
✔ Technical Support

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In the year 2017, we decided to venture into Mobile Application. And developed mobile application called Reward Stamp and Reward Cards for retailers and retail consumers respectively.

Reward Stamp is a SaaS application for retailers to run their customer loyalty program and used for customer data analytics.

Reward Cards is a loyalty card wallet application for retail consumers. It is used as a wallet for all reward cards, loyalty cards and store cards on your phone.

With the success of both products, we are now ready for the first round of investment. We are actively increasing our team now.